BettingClub Responsible Gambling Code

BettingClub firmly believes that we have a part to play in minimising the development and continuation of gambling related problems. We believe that gambling should be an enjoyable pastime or recreational activity, however we are also aware that this is not always the case, and that gambling can become a problem for some individuals.

As such BettingClub provides a number of facilities so that members can control their gambling.

You can complete the Northern Territory Self-Exclusion Form (PDF) – if you want to self-exclude yourself from future betting activities.

Pre-Commitment Limits (PCL):

Clients that would like to nominate a specific Pre-Commitment Limit can do so by contacting BettingClub support via email or phone. PCLs apply to 7 day periods and can only be reduced in that time. Should a client wish to increase their PCL they may apply to do so, although any increase will not apply until the following 7 days. A PCL allows you to nominate a fixed loss amount for a weekly period.

Self Exclusion:

Clients can request to be Self Excluded at any time. BettingClub will close your account permanently and you will not be able to reopen it to bet on our website, mobile site or via phone. We will also endeavour to close any new accounts that you may attempt to open.

To enquire further into any of the above options, please call 1800 258 255 or email [email protected] and our friendly staff will assist you.

Gambling Help

If you think that you may be developing a gambling problem, you may find the below links helpful:
Gambling Help - 1800 858 858 FREE

Gambling Self-Assessment

The following questionnaire may help you to identify tendencies in your behaviour which are often linked to problem gambling.

  1. Have you ever ignored your job in order to gamble?
  2. Have you felt unhappy with your personal life due to gambling?
  3. Does your gambling affect your perception of others, or how others may perceive you?
  4. Has your gambling left you with a deep sense of regret?
  5. Have you ever tried to meet your financial obligations by gambling?
  6. Has gambling affected your motivation to succeed?
  7. Do you feel obliged to gamble in order to recoup lost money?
  8. Do you consider a win as motivation to spend more?
  9. Have you ever spent your last available dollar on gambling?
  10. Have you ever borrowed money in order to gamble?
  11. Have you ever sold assets in order to gamble?
  12. Have you felt reluctant to use money set aside for gambling on everyday purchases?
  13. Has gambling negatively impacted on the way that you treat yourself or others?
  14. Do you find yourself gambling beyond the time you had planned to stop?
  15. Have you ever gambled to avoid dealing with personal problems?
  16. Have you ever committed (or considered committing) a criminal offence in order to gamble?
  17. Does your gambling affect your sleep?
  18. Do the frustrations of your personal life encourage you to gamble?
  19. Have you celebrated good fortune by spending excessive time gambling?
  20. Have you considered harming yourself as a result of gambling?

Studies show that people who have answered “Yes” to seven or more of the above questions show tendencies representative of problem gambling. For further assistance, or if you wish to know more, please contact one of the organisations listed below.


BettingClub does not allow those under the age of 18 to open an account or gamble with us. We have a strict verification process in place and should an account holder not be able to provide ID when requested their account is suspended. Should you wish to raise a minor related account, please contact us.


Certain filtering options can be enabled to prohibit underage persons from entering the online sports betting software, as the minimum legal age to gamble is 18 years. If minors have access to the device that you use to access our betting platforms, we encourage you to use filtering software to prevent access to our betting platforms by minors. The comprehensive list of filtering options available for download can be accessed through these sites:

Codes of Practice

BettingClub's operations are governed by:


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